Nicholas Rocker Archive

Nicholas Rocker Archive

Propmasters are proud to have procured ownership of the Blake's Seven costume design collection from the property of the show's Seasons Three and Four Costume Designer Nicholas Rocker.

Nicholas Rocker first worked as a Dresser at the BBC before being promoted to Assistant Designer and finally Costume Designer. Halfway through the third season of Blake's 7 he was offered the job as its full time Costume Designer.  The third season was halfway through so he found it a great challenge as felt restricted by the existing designs in place as it meant certain designs could not be altered as it would break that seasons continuity. He only took the position of Costume Designer for the subsequent fourth season on the proviso that he would be the only Costume Designer for the whole season. This gave him the freedom he wanted to put his own design spin on the look of all that seasons costume. 

For the Fourth Season everything had to be more practical to reflect the austere ship now in use, the 'Scorpio'. This resulted in two main costume styles for each principal character, one style of spacesuit and a set of overalls. It was Nicholas Rocker's idea to primarily use black for 'Avon' contrasting with the grey for his fellow 'Scorpio' crew members. The colour choices were important as they had not to cause any potential problems with the characters 'teleport' blue screen visual effect process.

An accomplished artist, his costume designs stand alone as exquisite individually outstanding unique works of art in graphite pencil.

Many of the Costumes designed by Nicholas Rocker have become the iconic signature costumes of the principal characters, a true testament to the success of his designs.


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