'Klytus' Face Mask

A 'Klytus' (Peter Wyngarde) mask from the science fiction cult classic movie.

This particular mask was one used in a sequence where it was attached to a skull on the home planet of General Klytus. The sequence was ultimately cut from the films final edit but images do survive from the sequence.

Constructed of fibreglass, the mask is in two sections, upper face and jaw, to facilitate and enable 'talking' jaw movement by the actor. Its gold-coloured coating has worn away since production although some remnants are evident on the right side of the jaw section. Plaster remnants are present on the interior and the exterior displays paint wear, marks and a minor crack but otherwise in good solid condition.

'Klytus' is an iconic character in science fiction film history and thus this is a highly significant and instantly identifiable piece.


More Information
width 16 cm
height 20 cm


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