Costumes - A Guide to

Costumes - A Guide to

The costumes used for Film and Television are collectively known as 'Wardrobe'.

They are often bespoke custom made, tailored to the individual artists measurements by the film's costumier. Multiples may be required for high use principal costumes, to include those intended for Stunt Doubles or effects.

Often, but not always, there will be an internal costumier 'tag' sewn in to the costume which can detail the actor, the production, date, costumier, codes, sizes, etc. If not on a sewn on 'tag' it may be hand written internally or upon an attached card wardrobe department label. 

Particularly with older wardrobe, after the wrap of production the wardrobe was often incorporated back in to the working stock of the costumier and reused and sometimes adapted for subsequent alternative productions. This could include the removal of insignia required for newer costumes, adding/removal of detail, size adjustments, etc. This was quite common practice and still occurs today. 

One of the main attractions of owning a costume is that in a sense you are able to have a representation of the whole character.

Costumes are best displayed on mannequins or can be shadow box frame displayed for wall presentation. Either way they make fantastic display pieces and form the core of many film collector's collections.

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