Cast & Crew Gifts - A Guide to

Cast & Crew Gifts - A Guide to

It has been a long standing tradition within the industry to give and offer access to exclusive items only made available to those working on the production. This can be from a singular personal custom gift from Director to Actor right through to Crew Jackets specific to the whole of a particular production department. They are a symbol of gratitude and recognition of that individuals work on the production as well as a physical memento.

The most stalwart of cast & crew pieces is perhaps the Crew Jacket. Often emblazoned with the production title, rarer examples may also be personalised to the individual original owner and principal versions are sometimes issued that are of a higher quality material. 

All cast & crew gifts are produced in very limited numbers and it is not the case that every cast & crew member receives the same item, if they receive anything at all.

The fact that such pieces are not originally made available to the public gives them a very elusive appeal and popularity with collectors. 



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