'Nava' Costume

Star Trek Deep Space Nine 'Nava' (Barry Gordon) Ferengi Costume from the episode 'The Nagus'.

Best seen during the 'Grand Nagus Zek' conference aboard the Deep Space Nine.

The costume comprises of a full-length sleeveless brown jumpsuit with stirrups for the feet, a reflective bronze coloured dickie that attaches to the jumpsuit via Velcro, a long-sleeved jacket in a pattern of olive-green and burgundy wavy lines, a multi-coloured striped portion that goes down the front and around the back and a Ferengi head wrap, the colour of the dickie but with the black accents of the jacket.

Sewn in tag reads 'Deep Space Nine, Barry Gordon' and a costumers tag reads 'DS9 411, Nava, Barry Gordon'.

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