COCOON (1985)

Full Size Anterean Alien

A life size Anterean Alien.

Made for the sequence where the Anterean life-forms are within their cocoons in the swimming pool sequences. It is understood only two life size articulated Antereans were made, together with a rod operated version. The 'breathing' full length Anterean is first seen when the cocoon is opened before switching to the rod operated version.

The Pool is used by the residents of a nearby elderly home who discover it has rejuvenation powers due to the lifeforce power of the Alien Cocoons within. 

This is one of the most exceptionally constructed props we have ever had experience of. Beautifully made of a semi-rigid urethane with fully jointed heavy metal armature enabling it to curl right up in to itself for placement within the Cocoon. Incredibly detailed, it is a true work of art. Features an internal ‘breathing’ effect system. Just below the rib cage apex you can feel from the outside a squeezable plastic ‘bag’ on the inside which would have been inflated/deflated via an airline input between the legs.  

The figure would originally have had applied make-up present to enhance it's on screen appearance.

A fantastic stand alone prop which would be the centrepiece of any collection.

(Please note that the measurements given are for the prop whilst in full coiled position. When laid out fully it measures approximately 182 cm long)

More Information
length 78 cm
width 44 cm
height 40 cm

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