Beefeater Tunic

From the historical classic movie, starring Katherine Hepburn in the starring role, comes this Queen's personal Guard 'Beefeater' Tunic.

Such Tunics can be seen in several sequences of the movie, in particular those featuring 'Queen Elizabeth Tudor', Florence Eldridge.

The beautifully made garment with puffed shoulders and wire embroidery detailing still retains its original Western Costumier label detailing the actor as being Wingate Smith, who interestingly went on to become a noted Assistant Director.

The garments front chest panel appears to have been altered by the costumier after production and actually feels double layered plus its central chest line is off centre to that of the collar. As such there is a possibility, but not guaranteed, that a crest that is currently not visible on the front may still be present on the underneath layer.

A wonderfully visual vintage Hollywood costume.

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