DOCTOR WHOTime-Flight Master Costume

Time-Flight, starring Peter Davison as the Doctor; On a standard flight from New York to London, Concorde Golf Victor Foxtrot is nearing Heathrow Airport when its signal begins to break up. Before long all trace of the aircraft is lost - the Concorde has disappeared! Arriving at Heathrow shortly after, the Doctor, along with Nyssa and Tegan, is enlisted by the authorities to help in the investigation of the missing craft. This is part of the costume worn by the magician 'Kalid', aka 'The Master'.The oversized gown has very elaborate detailing to the edgeing and it is this edgeing that is clearly visible under the top coat the character wears. This gown can also be seen clearly once the 'Master' has discarded his disguise on the floor.Doctor Who featured costumes continue to become harder to source and anything worn by the long running classic Doctor Who central character 'The Master' is incredibly rare and highly sought after.

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