A two piece Suit bespoke made for Julian Glover in his principal role as 'Walter Donovan' in the third installment of the blockbuster Indiana Jones saga. The Suit bears the original Berman and Nathans Costumier's wardrobe tag on the inside pocket, which interestingly details the characters name as 'Chandler', this was to be the name of 'Donovan' but was subsequently changed. Accompanied by a hand written letter of authenticity from Mr Julian Glover himself who retained the custom made Suit after filming. Mr. Glover mistakenly details it as the Suit worn during the 'back to back' capture of Indiana Jones and his father where as it's actual use is when Walter Donovan says farewell to Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody before they catch their Aeroplane flight. Additionally accompanied by a signed photograph of Mr. Glover. Indiana Jones Saga wardrobe is incredibly hard to find and this is a rare and fine example from one of the leading characters of the third movie.
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