A Jacket worn by one of the Nazi Soldiers in the desert scenes of the movie.Such Nazi uniforms were bespoke made for the production and understood to be purposely 'comic book' in style under the instruction of Steven Spielberg. They are certainly not historically accurate and actually quite crude in appearence. However, this makes them highly identifiable and unique to the production. Additionally, there are actually very few Nazi Soldiers featured on screen during these scenes and this style of Jacket is unique to those scenes.The Jacket is made of a thin material with Nazi Insignia to chest and sleeve (the sleeve insignia may have been added at a later date), it lacks it's shoulder epaulettes but the retaining hoops and buttons are still present.Indiana Jones Saga featured costume is very rare to find and this is a fantastic example. Matted with a photo of Indiana Jones and a Last Crusade promotional brochure, framed and glazed, ready for display.
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Dimensions 36" x 30" overall

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