MUMMY, THEImhotep Costume Presentation

The original hero costume worn by Arnold Vosloos as the High Priest Imhotep in the action film The Mummy. The costume, in various stages, can be seen for a large proportion of the film and is one of the key costumes of the entire movie.The costume consists of a heavy long sleeved grey multi layer woollen tunic, a two piece silk head scarf and an ornate silk cloak embroidered with 'Scarab' motifs. To present the important Costume at it's optimum potential an exceptional bespoke mannequin with sinew detail on the face and hands, made of fibreglass, has been uniquely created. This incredible piece is also accompanied by very high quality movie accurate resin castings of the canopic 'Hapi' (baboon) jar and the Book of the Dead. Both of which fit perfectly in the respective hands of 'Imhotep' but can also be easily removed. The overall free standing display is incredibly impressive and would be the centrepiece of any collection.
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Dimensions 6ft x 2.5ft

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