DOCTOR WHODalek Trooper Costume

From the story 'Resurrection of the Daleks' comes this quite awesome Dalek Trooper costume. The Dalek inspired helmet with visor is made of fibre-glass and has various detailing including silver roundels , one of which has a hole punched in it. The front chest piece is connected to the back armour piece via two straps that lay over the shoulders, both armour pieces are fibre-glass. One strap has come loose from it's original inner attachment and has been rejoined with heavy duty camera tape.The jumpsuit has numerous leatherette detailing and the actress Rula Lenska is named on the inside collar, together with sizes.Accompanying the costume is the original Bonhams auction receipt from 1993, where the costume was first purchased plus a photocopy of a letter from Rula Lenska answering questions about the costume to it's former owner and a hand signed photograph of the actress. Dr Who featured costumes very rarely turn up on the market these days and this is probably the finest one we have ever offered for sale.
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