FAQ Help Centre

An outline of the more frequent questions that Propmasters commonly receives. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

What is Propmasters?

A. Founded in 1988, Propmasters are a UK based business specialising in selling original production used props, costumes and associated ephemera from film and television to collectors worldwide. Now firmly established as one of the leading such specialists in the world.

Q. Where do Propmasters get all these amazing pieces from?

A. Primary source is direct from production and its associates. Secondary sources include noted collections and verified auction houses. Each piece we offer has been ascertained to be authentic otherwise we would not be offering it. Please refer to Certificate of Authenticity and Money Back Guarantee for additional information.

Q. What is and how can I pay by Payment Plan?

A. Please refer to Payment Plan for information on the interest free monthly payment method.

Q. How often are items listed on the website?

A. New items are added weekly and automatically featured in the New Additions category in release order.

Q. How do I find the item that I’m interested in?

A. Simply type in a keyword, such as a film title or type of piece, in the Propmasters Search Engine and click search to see what we have available. Our inventory can also be browsed by the parent categories such as props or costumes via the category drop-down menu found at the top of each page. A variety of filtering options are also available to determine the order in which items appear and can be viewed.

Q. How do I know if these are authentic?

A. Every item on our website has been researched as thoroughly as possible. With over 30 years of experience and successful trading, we are proud of our solid reputation and the Propmasters Certificate of Authenticity is recognised worldwide.

Q. Was this piece the exact one seen on screen?

A. The filmmaking process generally requires that multiples be made of all props and costumes. For obvious practical reasons to include possible different stages of visible use and distress, hero and stunt, practical and dummy versions. Propmasters guarantee every piece original from production and where specific screen matching is clearly identifiable and notable descriptions will clearly specify as such.

Q. How do I buy an item from the website?

A. Simply go through our verified secure ordering system or you can contact us direct if you wish to pay via wire transfer or another alternative method.

Q. Can you let me know when you have items from my favourite film?

A. The Propmasters website allows subscribers to create an account where you can register your favourite films. When pieces become available Propmasters will endeavour to contact you.

Q. Do you buy props and costumes?

A. Propmasters are always interested in buying movie props, costumes and associated ephemera; from a single piece to the inventory of an entire film production. Please contact us with details of what you have so we can discuss.

Q. Can you sell my items on my behalf?

A. Propmasters do not sell on consignment, every piece offered by Propmasters is physically owned by Propmasters. We feel this gives our customers added confidence in dealing with us.

Q. How much is shipping?

A. For pre-purchase shipping queries please contact us for quotes. Alternatively, shipping cost will be confirmed back to you upon competition of order.