SECRET SERVICE, THEStanley Unwin Hero Marionette

Released from the Propmasters Collection, we are proud to be able to offer the original hero Marionette of Father Stanley Unwin, utilised throughout the series. Accurately based on the actor and voice of the character, Stanley Unwin. The Secret Service was Gerry Anderson's final 'Supermarionation' series, released in 1969. The series provided a unique blend of his highly developed puppetry techniques with live action. It was the most advanced of all the 'Supermarionation' shows.The marionette is beautifully constructed, a truly outstanding testament of the level of craftsmanship that was involved in the show. The rear of the head detaches to reveal the inner mechanics of the operating mechanism for the eyes and mouth. Formerly part of the Sylvia Anderson Collection. A truly outstanding show-piece.
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