We are very proud to be able to offer this truly iconic movie prop, just released from the Propmasters private collection. This is an incredibly rare Stormtrooper Helmet utilised in the third installment of the original saga, Return of the Jedi. The construction/appearance of the Stormtrooper Helmets used in Jedi were different to those used in Star Wars and Empire. This particular example has the foam inner and was most likely used for the Elstree Studios based filming. The helmet was purchased by Propmasters for the private collection in the 1990's from a family where once it was quite happily played with and worn by a child, having been gifted to him after filming. It has never been restored but during it's interesting lifetime the 'brow' and eye lenses have been sympathetically replaced. The Helmet lacks one ear piece but otherwise is in generally very good condition, bearing in mind how fragile the Jedi Helmets actually are. This Helmet is well documented and known within the fraternity and we trust the new caretaker of this beautiful piece will enjoy their ownership of it as much as we have.Viewing in person is recommended, please contact us for details. Dimensions and interior details have been intentionally protected.
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