GET CARTER (1971)Jack Carter's Shirt

Jack Carter's (Michael Caine) signature Shirt from one of Cinema's most iconic movies. Michael Caine wears the same style of shirt throughout 95% of the movie. However, there are actually two very slightly different versions used on screen. This is thought to be more of a continuity error rather than purposely intended. The style of Shirt offered here is worn by 'Carter' on his route to Newcastle and up to the point of his brother's furneral. The only two minor differences between the two worn during the movie are that the version worn subsequently to these scenes has button cuffs rather than cufflink cuffs and features a tiny emblem on the left chest (visible in the scene where he is on the stairwell talking to the girl in the bath). This Shirt has remarkable provenance and is accompanied by a letter from the original shirt maker, who after originally viewing both shirts confirmed this was indeed one made for Michael Caine for Get Carter. A stunning piece of cinema history.
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