A prop Fire Axe understood to have been made for use in the classic Jack Nicholson film. This prop Axe was recently obtained by Propmasters from a gentleman you acquired the piece from Nik Harrison in 1992. Nik Harrison, sometimes known as the 'Danziger Collection', was a pioneer in the prop collecting community in the UK. His background was within the film industry and his father's company, Norank Engineering, provided many pieces for movies, to include 'The Shining'. It was/is understood that Nik did have original prop Axes used in the film and at this period, before his untimely passing, the Harrison reputation was a solid one.That said, under recent indepth research and comparison to a well known collector's Shining prop Axe example (with our appreciation and gratitude), this Axe does not match up in certain details to any type seen used/seen on screen.It is possible it is a made for but not used or prototype piece but this is very difficult to substantiate. It is definately a movie prop Axe though, clearly made especially for movie use/production.The head is of a highly polished metal, all be it currently slightly tarnished and the handle is of a grained wood.
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Dimensions 35" x 11"

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