SUPERMAN (1978)'Lara' Susannah York hero Costume

We are proud to be able to offer this incredible costume worn by Susannah York in her key role as 'Lara', mother of 'Superman' in the classic movie staring Christopher Reeve as 'Superman'.The two piece costume consists of Jacket and Trousers, each retaining the original costumiers labels with relavant production details. The costume is layered in '3M' material which gives off an illuminated glow when subjected to strong light sources. The latter images here were taken using a Flash, giving an idea of the effect created. This ingenious costume effect idea was first innovated for the production of this movie and the effect is utilised on all of the planet 'Krypton' inhabitants to fantastic effect.The role Susannah York plays as 'Lara' is a very important and memorable one, being Superman's mother and playing opposite to Marlon Brando as his father, 'Jor-El'. Due to the nature of construction the costume does exhibit areas of slight wear but these do not detract from it's overall fantastic appearance.Clearly seen on screen it is instantly recogniseable and identifiable. This costume is a wonderful piece of Superman and Cinema history, costumes of such importance rarely surface on the open market.
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