TANK GIRLRipper Helmet

'Ripper' Full Head Helmet. Probably the most well remembered characters from this cult film, based on the cult comic, are 'The Rippers' gang headed by Ice-T as 'T-Saint'. The Rippers wear their individual customised Helmets during battle. The large full head Helmet is constructed of a hard fiber glass/resin material and adorned with various decorations such as leather braids, beads and feathers. Importantly this helmet has a functional hinged front face plate and it is believed that only a couple of the Ripper masks were made this way. Industry leader Stan Winston (Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Jurassic Park, etc.) designed the Rippers for the film. In fact he is quoted in the 'Making Of' book as saying to the Director, pre-production, "I really want to do this, my guys are desperate to do this. These are the best characters we've had the opportunity to do." This was affirmed by the fact Stan Winston Studios cut their prices in half in order to be within the film's relatively low production budget! A very impressive prop with the extra added bonus of the Stan Winston association.
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Dimensions 22" x 11"

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