This prop Sword was used in many episodes by varying characters, but is most commonly known as the 'Sword of Perdicas'. Perdicas was Gabrielle's husband for a day in Season 2 before he was killed by Callisto. The sword belonged to him and then Gabrielle picks it up to use it on Callisto but find she can't kill. This sword was also used by Ulysses in season 2 and by one of the king's guards in another Xena episode. The screencaps show Perdicas's bloody sword lying on the ground, Gabrielle holding the sword wanting to kill Callisto with it, Ulysses holding it, and the king's guard with it sticking out of his belt. We also believe that this sword was used in many other episodes. Wonderfully detailed and constructed of resin this is a fine example of the high quality props made for the series in New Zealand. Xena props are possibly the highest quality television props ever made, indeed many of the prop construction crew went on to work on the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. A visually impressive looking prop which is very displayable.
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Dimensions 35" long

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