FIFTH ELEMENT, THEHero Mangalore Head

We are proud to be able to offer one of the 'frontline' hero Mangalore Heads from this fantastic movie.Nik Dudman, head of creature effects on the film, worked with a new incredibly realistic material for making the Mangalore heads, Silcone Gel, bringing them to incredible lifelike realism. It actually has a 'living' feeling quality to it. The under mesh finely detailed skin is built upon a metal, etc., strong frame and skull cap. The jaw is operational and the inner mouth features dental quality teeth, etc. Included with the head is the original mouth palette, the tubeular blood pump and other spares/pieces. This head features a special effects bullet hit to the head which would have pumped/oozed blood, please refer to pictures. The head is in purposely movie required battle damage condition, with scars and bended/wounded ears. It does show signs of fatigue as would be expected for a production used head of this type but nothing detracts from the incredible look of this piece. The goggles have been added at a later date for appearence purposes and are not screen used.The Mangalore's are one of the most memorable and original Alien races created on film and this is simply an awesome piece. Will come with bespoke made high quality crafted acrylic wall mountable display case.
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Dimensions 25" x 17" x 15" overall display

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