We are proud to be able to offer one of the key featured props from the second in the Indiana Jones Trilogy, a Sankara Stone. The Sankara Stones are integral to the whole plot/storyline of the movie and the object of Indiana Jones' quest, as is the Ark in Raiders and the Holy Grail in Last Crusade.This is the 'solid' state style Sankara stone which is the style featured predominately in the movie. The other style, the sfx illuminating stones are only briefly featured in comparisson. We were fortunate enough to recently have the opportuntity to reacquire this prop, having sold it originally in the early 1990's. As many within the prop collecting field are already aware we purchased the inventory of Temple Of Doom props direct from the Property Master on the film and the majority of what is now in circulation originated from us.Images are heavily blurred to protect the piece. We are very aware of certain replicas having been sold as original but importantly and obviously, without the Propmasters certificate of authenticity. It is our COA that guarantees you the authenticity and this is widely acknowledged with the prop collecting community. To our knowledge all the 'solid' state Sankara stones made for Temple Of Doom were obtained and originally owned/sold through us, we understand that there is'int even an example in the Lucasfilm Archive.A very important prop from the Indiana Jones Trilogy and a part of cinema history.
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