We are proud to be offer this incredibly rare prop from the iconic 1960's Sean Connery era of James Bond. A prop 'Rocket Gun/Rifle' as clearly seen in the 'modern training' section of the Ninja School and more importantly during the climatic attack on the Volcano secret base. Very few of these were made for the production, the majority of weapons used during the Volcano attack were standard contemporary military guns. This Gun/Rifle is a 'hero' version having been enhanced for special effects; there are wires protruding from the butt and centre of the gun which at one point would have activated a small smoke detonation effect once the trigger button was pressed. This effect can be seen clearly in the film.James Bond props from the 1960's era very seldom surface and this is a very fine example which would be the centre piece of any collection.
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Dimensions 34"

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