HIGHLANDERHero Katana Sword

We are very proud to be able to offer a hero Katana prop Sword from the cult movie Highlander. Such props of such an iconic status seldom surface on the open market.The katana is the key element in the plot of the film, Highlander I and the most important prop of the movie. It is symbolic of Connor MacLeod's (Christopher Lambert), "coming of age" as an Immortal.The Sword is the signature prop of the movie and instantly recogniseable the world over. The hilt lacks the Dragon head topper as this broke off during production during the 'Quickening' sequence post the final battle with Kurgan. If you look closely the headless Sword is actually used within that sequence being held by Connor, obviously various takes were taken of that scene. As a result of the heavy hit to the floor during that sequence the two pronounced screws within the hilt have caused a little damage, please see pictures. This does not detract from the importance of this piece as a true piece of movie history. Propmasters were fortunate enough to purchase the hero swords from this movie after having been in the same private hands since the production finished.It is in overall very good condition and displays superbly. A more significant prop from the film you could not find and even in the general world of prop collecting, this piece ranks very highly indeed.
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