We are very proud to be able to offer one of the most inconic Sword's of Cinema History, the MacLeod Sword.A while back Propmasters were fortunate enough to purchase the principal hero swords from the first, and best, Highlander film which had been in the same private hands straight from end of production, for nearly twenty years. The MacLeod Sword features heavily in the film itself and is integral to the history of the 'highlander'. The Sword is of an impressive length, constructed of metal. It is worth mentioning that the ornate engraved detailing on the crossguard, 100% screen matched accurate, has been incorrectly duplicated in modern replicas and even on the artwork for the American DVD release as there was no Sword for reference.The Sword shows signs of age and wear, particularly on the crossguard which exhibits rusting, this should be restoreable though if so wished.This is an Icon of a Prop which is instantly recogniseable to movie fans the world over.Please note some images are blurred and no dimensions are given to prevent replication.
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