STAR WARS (1977)

Glory Book

Star Wars, 1977, incredibly rare ' book' dedicated on the reverse of the last page to Crew member Stephen McDonald and signed by George Lucas and Gary Kurtz.

These ' books' were compiled by producer Gary Kurtz and utilised as a ' you' gift to select members of Cast and Crew on Star Wars - A New Hope.

The ring bound 10" x 8" black card covered book contains twenty five different black and white semi-stiff card photographs of various scenes from the film. The front cover features the pre-production artwork tri-angular sticker with image of Luke Skywalker and the title ' Star Wars'.

Many collectors are unaware of this Star Wars Cast and Crew gift, only really familiar with the Lucite Star paper weights (recently Carrie Fisher auctioned her Lucite Stars off at an opening bid of $2500 each, on behalf of charity).

This is an incredible piece of Star Wars history not to be missed.

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