A prop Machete as utilised just prior to the famous Rope Bridge sequence.We have kept back this Machete since we purchased it amoungst numerous other Indiana Jones props from the Property Master on the film, in the early 1990's. It was unique amoungst the variations of prop Machete we had. It was the only one with the rope hooped around the handle and with the silver reflective tape covered blade. It's shape and style perfectly matches that of one that a Thuggee Indy encounters before crossing the Rope Bridge carries and we believe it is one of the 'hero' Machetes used for that sequence. Several variations of Machete were utilised for that sequence, which are quite easy to spot, and there is a major continuity error;Indy whips a machete from the hand of one Thuggee, it flys off in to the distance and then next shot we see Indy holding what is supposed to be that same Machete!Apart from the hero Indy Machete that we hold in our private collection we believe this to be the other most important Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom prop Machete in existance.
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Dimensions 34"

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