THE ROCKSFX Miniature Diver

We are proud to be able to offer this incredibly stunning special effects miniature Diver.It is quite simply the best film miniature we have ever encountered. Made for the dramatic sequences where the Navy Seals are dropped from the Helicopter in to the sea and approach Alcatraz under water. It is incredibly detailed, complete with fixed acessories such as a gun and knife. The figure is holding an underwater jet propelled motor which has operational lights (not tested). The entire figure is 'strung' with fine wires for it's marionette operation; the wires are affixed to an oval wooden board. The body of the Diver is fully armatured/jointed. Constructed of a strong rubber over a metal armature with the motor being made of plastic. In superb condition, only lacking the small breathing device from the face.To add to the brilliance of the piece, on the special edition two disc DVD release of the movie there is a wonderful indepth special feature on the making and use of it in the film. The feature details the complexity and accuracy of it's construction and use in the film. An outstanding piece of movie history made to the highest standards of craftmanship.
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Dimensions 18" length

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