XENA - WARRIOR PRINCESSSword with Sheath Display

A superbly crafted prop Sword with accompanying Sheath utilised in several episodes of the cult television series starring Lucy Lawless as Xena. This style of Sword has been positively identified as having been used in the following episodes: *By 'The Children of the Sun' in the Season Two episode 'Destiny'. *By the 'Berserkers' and a warrior that battles with Xena in the Season Four episode 'Adventures in the Sin Trade. *By the barbarians in season three's 'The Quill Is Mightier'. *By the leader of a band of thief's in season three's "The Furies". *By Alti's Army. As with the majority of Xena props the craftmanship is quite outstanding and they easily fall into the catergory of being some of the best made television/film props ever made. Constructed of a very hard foam rubber with additional detailing in leather, metal and twine. The Sword is beautifully and professionally mounted in a glass fronted shadow box frame with accompanying mounted colour printed still of Xena.
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Dimensions 40" x 20" / 102 cm x 51 cm

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