A prop creature as utilised in the very memorable scenes involving the initiating 'tree trunk' which concealed this deadly creature on Prince Barin's (Timothy Dalton) forest Planet of Arboria. The creature lurks within the heart of the 'tree trunk'. Flash himself is forced by Prince Barin to take the test.This is a rare and very important prop from this cult film.The finished film version is also accompanied by an unfinished version. The film used version has plastic vertebral protusions to the base and a metal spike to the end of the tail. Both versions are foam-filled latex. The film used version has surface deteriation where it was originally covered in the sfx 'gunk' to make it appear slimey. The unfinished version is just the 'raw' body with tail without any finishing.Accompanied by a COA from the original manufacturer/supplier of them to the film.

Certificate of Authenticity Production items are accompanied by the Propmasters Certificate Of Authenticity.