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Marcus Signature Hero Costume

Propmasters are privileged to offer the signature hero complete costume worn by Nicholas Hoult in his role as 'Marcus Brewer' in the 2002 hit British movie starring Hugh Grant.

The costume ensemble is totally complete, comprising of Hat, Rucksack, Jacket, Jumper, Shirt, Tie, Gloves, Trousers and Shoes. Such completeness is a real rarity within movie costume collecting.

The costume can easily be regarded as the most significant costume of the whole movie and is instantly identifiable and highly memorable. Clearly seen in numerous scenes and it's importance additionally compounded by it's provenance on the movie release posters.

There are few costumes that singularly epitomise the movie they are from, this is one of those few.

(The featured display mannequin is available upon request)

(Screen shots and poster images are provided solely for reference and informational purposes only with reference to the item offered. No infringement of copyright is intended or implied and such copyright lies solely with the respective owners. Please click for further details.)

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