Propmasters are proud to be able to present our wonderful Costume Archive.

A comprehensive archive of vintage movie used Costumes spanning an incredible seventy years of film production. The archive also includes a selection of movie props/accessories together with Costumes worn in BBC and ITV productions.

All items originated from various Costumiers to the film and television industry. The majority of the items to be sold have never been previously offered internationally before.

This wonderful and important archive includes material from numerous different productions with costumes attributed to some of Cinema’s most well remembered actors and actresses.

As with many Costumiers it can be customary to retain/obtain selected costumes after a production finishes for the intention of potential re-hire. Interestingly, this can result in the same costume appearing in different productions, all be it on occasion slightly cosmetically altered. A good example of this can be seen with some of the elaborate period costumes made for ‘Anne of a Thousand Days’, starring Richard Burton, being re-used for ‘Carry On Henry’; both films were set in the same period but with very different approaches to history!

Please note that listings will be on a long term periodic basis as each piece is researched, confirmed and catalogued. Propmasters feel very privileged to be making this collection available to you, the collector, so you in turn may preserve it for the appreciation of future generations.