'Kazim', Kevork Malikyan Suit

A two piece suit made for one of the main characters, 'Kazim', portrayed by Kevork Malikyan, in the third instalment of the blockbuster Indiana Jones franchise.

Such a brown pin stripe Suit can be clearly seen worn by 'Kazim' during the sequence where he is discreetly observing the meeting between 'Donovan' and the 'Sultan'. Additionally Indiana Jones fights off an attacker in the memorable boat sequence who is wearing such a Suit.

Bespoke made for the actor by the Costumiers Bermans & Nathans, retaining the original inner wardrobe tag which details the character name and production details.

Indiana Jones items continue to be some of the most sought after items within the hobby which is also reflected in their rarity.

A rare and wonderful costume from one of the most iconic film franchises in history.

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