Thuggee Guard Robe

From the second in the iconic Indiana Jones movie saga comes this 'Thuggee Guard' robe.

The Thuggee Guards are clearly seen in numerous scenes in the movie and are highly associated with the world of Indiana Jones.

Bespoke tailored of a heavy duty thick wool like material which wraps around the centre torso, where it can be tied. The costume still retains the interior Bermans and Nathans Costumier tag with production details.

The front chest section features bold stripes which denotes the individual ranking of that particular Thuggee Guard. The number of stripes vary on the Thuggee Robes,  a subtle note of ingenious detail by the production team that is widely overlooked.

The Indiana Jones saga is one of cinema's all time most successful movie franchises and this costume is a highly identifiable and significant costume from it.

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