Aborian Treeman Costume

From the 1980 science fiction cult classic, starring Sam Jones in the title role as Flash Gordon, comes this 'Aborian Treeman' Costume.

The two piece costume comprises of a short sleeved shirt together with corresponding pair of trousers. Seen worn by the 'Treemen' of 'Aboria', who are led by Timothy Dalton as 'Prince Barin', and feature heavily throughout the film.

Distinctive in colour and style, the shirt exhibits signs of slight discolouring due to age and production use. The Trousers feature internal elasticated braces. Subtlety different but very similar in style types of the costume were worn by the various 'Treemen'.

Flash Gordon pieces become increasingly difficult to source and wardrobe from the film seldom surfaces.

Certificate of Authenticity Production items are accompanied by the Propmasters Certificate Of Authenticity.