Stormtrooper Helmet

A period vintage 1970's Ridgeback Stormtrooper Helmet. Constructed by Shepperton Design Studios (SDS), the company that were contracted to manufacture many of the helmets for production on Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, most notably, the now iconic, Stormtroopers.

SDS have publicly gone on record to state that a handful of such Ridgeback Helmets were made as prototype test Helmets for 'A New Hope', circa 1976. For a long period this was thought the case, however, without prejudice, it is now the current general consensus, including that of Propmasters, that a handful of such Ridgeback Helmets were more likely to have actually been made by SDS after production, before The Empire Strikes back, for their own purposes/use.

The Helmet clearly and heavily visually resembles the production used versions made by SDS apart from most notably the serrated lower rear Ridgeback and lack of both earpiece sections. Constructed of a vacuum formed plastic, as per the production used versions, with interior adhered bubbled eye lens and hand painted detailing. The 'teeth' and 'tusk' sections remain uncut and both the brow and neck trims are present. Consistent to it's age, the helmet has yellowed/discoloured over time, although the original white colouring of the plastic can still be seen where the trim has become more recently dislodged around the neck. There is a small split to the front top right of the dome but otherwise the helmet is in very good condition and still presents wonderfully.

In conclusion and to reiterate, Propmasters are not selling this Helmet as a production used or made. It is being sold as a vintage period Stormtrooper Helmet made by the original makers of the A New Hope Helmets, SDS, post production. This Stormtrooper Helmet remains a very impressive display piece and a significantly less expensive option to a screen used example.

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