MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSESkeletor Electronic Gauntlets

From the 1987 science-fiction classic starring Dolph Lundgren as 'He-Man' and Frank Langella as 'Skeletor' comes this wonderful group of 'Skeletor' hero props. The grouping consists of the electronic Gauntlets/Gloves worn by Skeletor throughout the movie and clearly seen, getting alot of screen time.The pair of gauntlets comprise of both the standard and supreme Skeletor styles together with the long black gloves with wire detailing. Also included are three pairs of gold gloves, a black glove and a bag of electronics. The Gauntlets feature various LED lighting effects which are not functional at this time. In the movie it is from these Gauntlets that Skeletor projects his powerful evil lightning bolt raysSkeletor is an icon of recent generations and this set represents an incredibly rare and important part of the character's big screen incarnation.

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