Costume Design - A Guide To

Costume Design - A Guide To

A costume design is produced for the different wardrobe of each character.

The selected clothes and colour convey information about the character; personality, age, status, occupation, period, nationality, mood, etc. The designer has to be able to visualise how each individual costume will fit into an overall production, giving each its proper place, be it for a leading actor or a walk-on part.Each individual design must fit into the overall concept while taking into consideration the performer who will wear the costume and what movements they have to make, and also the budget and the scale of the production.

The actual design is a working drawing for the maker. This can be an evocative sketch, the most detailed, annotated drawing or diagram, a collage or a computer graphic. If the designer knows exactly which fabrics and trimmings he or she wants used, swatches are attached to the drawings.

Original costume designs are individual unique works of art, significantly important to both character and production.

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