BLAKE'S 7 (1978 - 1981)

'Hommick' Costume Design

An original production used hand drawn costume design for the Hommick warriors featured in the season four story 'Power'.

The full length costume design is hand executed in pencils by the show's costume designer Nicholas Rocker. It features annotations in hand by the Designer to include the show title, story title, character title, costume visual appearance notes and is boldly signed to the lower right corner. Attached to the design are costume swatch material samples to indicate the material required for the costume.

In fine overall condition. Provided within a protective display frame from which the design can be easily accessible.

Original costume designs very seldom surface from classic BBC productions.

A truly unique piece from the hugely successful BBC Television science fiction series.

More Information
width 25 cm
height 36 cm

Certificate of Authenticity Production items are accompanied by the Propmasters Certificate Of Authenticity.