ALIEN (1979)

'Narcissus' Hatchet Axe

Propmasters are proud to be able to offer this significant prop Hatchet Axe made for the Ridley Scott 1979 science fiction masterpiece.

Seen hanging on the interior wall of the Narcissus locker room where 'Ripley' (Sigourney Weaver) hides from the Alien Creature. Several different highly used production promotional shots exist of 'Ripley' holding such a Hatchet Axe in the locker room set but the sequence was believed cut resulting in a subtle continuity error, as although present on the wall when she enters the locker room one is missing when she leaves.

Made of a white painted metal. Exhibits general signs of age and wear but presents wonderfully.

A museum worthy piece from one of cinema's most revered classics.

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